National Trust Real Estate Association (NTREA) is a not for profit organization that is the primary educational and information resource for the institutional trust real estate industry. Membership in the organization will include active participants from as diverse geographic representation as possible.

Trust Real Estate Professionals

Dedicated to Superior Product Knowledge & Client Service

Trust real estate management services are changing and expanding dramatically. National Trust Real Estate Association (NTREA) members are at the leading edge of the changes and expansion.

Real Estate Services

Today’s trust clients demand greater diversification within their equity and fixed income portfolios and this demand is often met by the addition of real estate assets. NTREA members provide essential management services for real estate assets owned in a fiduciary capacity. Members are increasingly involved in sophisticated real estate investment and asset management including acquisitions, development, leasing, selling, financing, tax deferred exchanges and complex estate and tax planning issues. As a result trust real estate professionals have become an integral part of investment and advisory teams.

Professional Skills

Real estate is becoming both a higher profile and more profitable segment of fiduciary investment portfolios. Real estate assets differ markedly from financial assets and therefore present unique challenges and opportunities. These assets require managers with a special set of skills which includes property management, environmental liability awareness and a familiarity with local and national real estate markets and trends. Through networking and program participation, members have the opportunity to enhance these skills as well as to increase their knowledge of fiduciary law and regulations pertaining to real estate.